Bulk Milk Cooler 500 Ltr


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  • Technical Details :-
    • Material : SS 304/316
    • Shape & Orientation : Vertical cylindrical open type
    • Type of refrigerant : R22/R-404
    • Type of insulation : By injection – CFC Free High density PUF, 40 kg/cu.m
  • Insulation Efficiency : At 50deg.C ambient, the rate of rise of mean temperature of milk initially at 4deg.C shall not exceed 1deg.C in 4 hours when rated volume is allowed to standstill as per requirement of ISO 5708 2A(II)


Bulk milk coolers are used to cool the milk to 4 ° C in the prescribed time. Bulk milk cooler is available in different sizes. We make Bulk Milk Cooler in the design of Round D Shape and Oval etc. We are the makers of India’s No.1 Manufacturing and Suppliers Bulk Milk Coolers.


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